On The Move, Inc.

Company Description

On The Move Custom Food Trucks is the innovative leader in food truck manufacturing. With over twenty-five years in the trucking industry, their patented slide-out design allows for eye-to-eye interaction with the customer, more space in your truck, and a unique design that gives restaurants a competitive edge.


On The Move is your one-stop-shop for a completely customizable food truck made with your business in mind. Our designers work with you to create the perfect custom graphics, find the truck model that works best for you, and complete the interior with the equipment you need. Whether you need a wood-burning pizza oven, a tortilla maker, or the perfect equipment for BBQ, we have you covered.


To learn how you can boost brand recognition and profits for your restaurant business, call 800-645-9949 or visit www.onthemovefoodtrucks.com today!


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