Company Description

In the rapidly changing world of hospitality, travel, media and entertainment, success depends on staying in synch with the latest social and consumer trends. We know the pulse of these trends and work with our clients to align business expectations while complying with state, federal and international laws and requirements. Behind every successful enterprise is a sound business structure that includes business management, accounting, audit, and tax. We help those in the hospitality, travel, media and entertainment industry by providing a range of these services with each client’s specific needs in mind.

Weaver's knowledge and experience spans many segments of the hospitality and entertainment industry including:

Hotels and other lodging
Food and Beverage
Recreation and Entertainment
Travel and Tourism
Sports and Entertainment
Performing Arts Companies


Legal Services

  • Litigation Support


  • Accounting & Financial Services
  • Business Services
  • Franchise Consultants
  • Investigative Services
  • Management Services
  • Office Management
  • Operations
  • Quality Control
  • Research & Development


  • Concept Development
  • Consulting
  • Growth Strategies
  • Operations Assistance
  • Profitability Consulting

Financial Services

  • Accounting Services / CPA
  • Alcohol Taxes
  • Compliance
  • Executive Liability
  • Financial Services
  • Risk Management

Computer Software / Systems

  • Network Security / Wireless Technology

Restaurant Profitability Services

  • Restaurant Profitability Services