Company Description

Leon’s Texas Cuisine, a trusted and renowned establishment with a rich history spanning over 70 years. Our unwavering commitment to excellence has earned us the reputation of producing the very best Corn Dogs and Appetizers, where quality ingredients are never compromised.

At Leon’s we take pride in our extensive range of delectable offerings, particularly our signature 14 varieties of Corn Dogs, including the exclusive FOOTLONG CORN DOG- a treat like no other.

Indulge in our diverse selection of Jalito Brand Appetizers, featuring 5 delightful options. “3 mouthwatering varieties of Stuffed Jalapenos- Cheddar Cheese, Cream Cheese & Crabmeat, Zesty Jalapeno Strips, and our tantalizing Gourmet Pickle Wheels”

Looking for an easy, delicious breakfast Item? Try our Sausage ‘N Pancake on a stick! It’s a “Meal on a Stick”

Customer satisfaction is paramount to us, and that’s why we stand by our 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed policy.



  • Appetizers
  • Fried Products
  • Seafood / Crab / Shell fish / Appetizers

Dairy Products

  • Cheese


  • Seafood

Frozen Food

  • Frozen Breakfast Food
  • Frozen Food, Pre-Cooked
  • Frozen Food, Uncooked


  • Deli Products
  • Meat, Fresh, Frozen Or Canned
  • Meat, Pre-Portioned
  • Meat, Processed
  • Sausage