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Health Plans for small business 2 to 49 employees


Health Plans for small business 2 to 49 employees

Marvin Brooks
2919 Potomac Avenue
Mesquite, TX 75149
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Phone Number (972) 921-0354
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I specialize in health plans for the individual, the self-employed and small business owner and group plans. If your business doesn't provide a health plan for your employees, I can offer them group style pricing and benefits on their plans for themselves and their families. We are the only company in the state of Texas providing this type of coverage that I know. If you do offer a group plan, I would like to offer a proposal for your business. We can provide a small group plan for 2 - 49 employees on our health plans and customize them to the needs of the employees.

NO minimal participation of employees
NO minimal contributions from employer (you choose the amount you contribute)
Employers contributions are 100% tax write off under IRS publication 15B

Portfolio of Plans:
• Multiple plans utilizing the Cigna PPO medical network
• Multiple PPO dental plans
• Vision plan
• Accident plans
• Short-Term Disability
• Long-Term Disability
• Group Life insurance
• Group life insurance individual plans

Texas Mutual Insurance Co. / TRA Workers' Comp Safety Group
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